Alasdair King


I am an engineering leader and software developer for the marvellous Claro Software company based in north-west England. I specialise in accessibility and software for blind, visually- and print-impaired people, including the free WebbIE and Accessible programs. I'm also a proud father, volunteer Scout leader, and amateur dramatics actor. Do get in touch or find out more about my academic research and coding projects.

Some interesting things I have done include:

WebbIE applications for people with disabilities.
An open-source free suite of Windows applications for blind people and screenreader users so they can listen to the radio, browse the web and get podcasts easily and quickly. A small but devoted following of users since 2002.
Shilo Theatre Company
Set up a theatre company producing Sondheim other other modern classics and performing at the RNCM in Manchester. Then I had kids...
Didsbury Games Festival
Launched a hugely-successful family-friendly day of boardgames and RPGs in Didsbury: not yet repeated, but hopefully in 2022 when COVID does not shut us down!
The Monkey's Paw Opera
Wrote the libretto for a short modern opera, performed in concert in 2016.

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